Farm Dinner at Gather Restaurant


Someone asked me a few days ago what my favorite restaurant in Chicago was.  As a foodie, this is probably the toughest question to answer.  Hubs and I try to go to one new restaurant every week, we plan trips and excursions around food, and trust me, favorites, as well as “never agains”, accumulate!  But I have to say that every time I go to Gather (has been quite a few times now!) I feel a tingly feeling of excitement and warmth from the ambiance to the amazingly delicious magic that comes out of their kitchen!   Gather is definitely topping the charts for me right now!

foodie (1)

On July 24 Gather featured the Michigan-based Klug Farm for their once a month Farm Dinner special.  This is a seasonal event where Gather picks a local  farm and creates delicacies based on the seasonality of the food at that farm, at that time.   What an amazingly simple and yet rare concept!  I wish more restaurants around Chicago did this…

The Klug family was at the Farm Dinner and we got to meet them!  Super nice and humble folks!  They truly are local celebrities that spread healthy goodness around town.  We told them so and they sure got a good laugh out of it.  :)

David and Ken and the entire team at Gather make us feel special every time we come in.   I love chatting with David and Ken about the restaurant industry and the food trends – so much to learn!  For example, I learned that majority of the dishes at Gather are made using Rice Bran Oil – an oil extracted from the inner husk of rice.  It’s great for high temperature cooking and healthier than most oils out there!  Its major component (the name fails me now) is an antioxidant – I think I’m going to start using it at home! :)  It’s a great feeling to know that these guys understand the importance of healthy AND delicious food.

So, I wanted to say thanks to everyone at Gather.  You make every outing at your restaurant enjoyable.  And we can’t wait to go back!  And to my readers…if you haven’t been to Gather, you are missing out.  I highly recommend this gem  for a special occasion or just an evening out with family/friends.  And make sure to say hello to David and Ken – they love to hear from you!

gatherdinner gatherchicago

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