Table, Donkey and Stick Restaurant


With a name like that this little establishment (former Bonsoiree spot) is bound to cause raucous around town!  The name comes from the Brothers Grimm tale, where the three brothers are gifted magical things for their handymen apprenticeships.  The oldest brother gets a magical table that sets itself with delicacies  the middle brother gets a donkey that poops gold coins; the youngest brother gets a magical stick.  A vagrant steals the table and the donkey from the two brothers; so the smartypants youngest brother uses his magical stick to beat the vagrant until he gives the table and the donkey back to their rightful owners.  :-)

The Executive Chef, Scott Manley, won his title at the pop-up dinner battle featuring six chefs.  His previous stints included work under Paul Virant (Perennial Virant), Paul Kahan (Blackbird) and Phillip Foss (EL Ideas).  The overarching theme of the restaurant honors the cultures and traditions of the Alps.  The restaurant features mountain cuisines of France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Slovenia.  Additionally, they source certain products like cheese, horseradish and nuts directly from the Alps!

chef table

Da Food

Charcuterie and Side Accompaniments.  You must try the charcuterie and artisan cheese made in house!  They don’t have a large selection but a carefully chosen one nonetheless.  Small plates are definitely small but are shareable.  Items like beef tongue, duck liver moose and eggplant and thyme are served cold with a (complimentary) buckwheat baguette and pork fat butter! Oy vey, that buckwheat baguette is head-spinnin’ and finger-lickin’ good!

Buckwheat baguette and butter

Buckwheat baguette and butter


Artisan Cheese Plate

Eggplant and Thyme

Eggplant and Thyme

Small and Large Plates. We got the roasted sunchokes and squash – an interesting dish, the flavor is strong and pleasant.  I have never had sunchokes before my recent visit to Table, Donkey and Stick, so I was excited to be versed in this rare vegetable.  Our friend couple split the Local Lettuce salad, which looked amazingly refreshing, As a large plate we got Roasted Rushing Waters Trout, Rye Berries, Carrots, Walnut & Horseradish Quark – the trout, I believe was sourced from the Alps?!  Pretty cool, huh? :-) Our friends split the Buckwheat Pasta, Potatoes, Taleggio, Swiss Chard, Crispy Sage, which they said was pretty delicious.  Note, buckwheat is gluten free; so the fact that Table has a GF option just ups it a few notches for me.  Warning, the portions are very small, but the good news is you will never walk away from here in a food comatose state!

Local Lettuce salad

Local Lettuce salad


Roasted sunchokes and squash!

The Trout from the Alps! :)

The Trout from the Alps! :)

Buckwheat pasta

Buckwheat pasta

Drinks. They make their own cola!  It is pretty good too and it’s not brown, it looks and tastes more like a lemonade!  Table has a huge celection of beers and ciders, which I’m a HUGE fan of.  I asked our waiter for a cider resembling a Woodchuck (the only cider beer I know, really) and he definitely overshot my expectations.  I got something in between a dessert wine, Moscato, and a crispy light beer – just perfect for a chill Sunday evening dinner.

Table has a late night menu for night owls – they are open until 2 am on Fridays and Saturdays!  The atmosphere is rustic and minimalistic – the decor pieces on the walls and the built-in shelves as well as the dim lighting drape about a whimsical aura throughout the restaurant.

photo (37)

Wall decor

Wall decor

The Kitchen window - where magic happens

The Kitchen window – where magic happens

This shop is small so make a reservation before venturing out.  If you want to experience artisan food inspired by the Alps’ cusine, I highly suggest you head over to Table, Donkey and Stick and become one with the tale.


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